When You Fall Down

The Soundtrack to When You Fall Down-The Buster Keaton Story is available now! Get your copy here!


1928. Buster Keaton, star of the silent screen, arrives in Culver City, at the movie studio which is to be his new home. He takes this moment to reflect on his life and career.

Through slapstick, songs and soft shoe shuffle, follow the triumphs and trials of silent film star Buster Keaton as he makes his iconic movies. As the world whirls around him, with his marriage failing, his best friend on trial, his career in danger and turning to the bottle, Buster must hit his mark as he films the most dangerous stunt of all. With re-creations of Buster’s tricks, mime and magic, this award-winning show is a tribute to “The Great Stone Face”; a man who always got back on his feet, no matter how many times he fell down.

When You Fall Down previewed in London in fall 2017, before travelling to the US where it was seen by Buster’s own family. It has appeared at theatres around the UK, including sell-out London shows and a West End appearance at The Other Palace. It has been performed at The Slapstick Festival, Bristol and in Paris, France. In August 2018 When You Fall Down had a month-long run at The Pleasance Edinburgh, with many sell-out performances, several 5 and 4 star reviews and an invitation to appear on Pick of The Fringe. In Edinburgh the show won a prestigious ThreeWeeks’ Editors Choice Award and was nominated for Musical Theatre Review’s Best Musical.

The show is endorsed by The International Buster Keaton Society. 

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JAN 27: The Slapstick Festival, Colston Hall, Bristol, UK

FEB 11-12: The Hope Theatre, London, UK

APR 26-28: The Tabard Theatre, London, UK

JUL 5-7: Théâtre de Ménlimontant, Paris, France.

JUL 14: The Pleasance, London, UK.

JUL 18: The Other Palace, London (West End), UK.

AUG 1-27: The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, UK.

SEP 22: St Peter’s Arts Centre, Preston, UK.

SEP 29: Mill Studio, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, UK.

NOV 18-19: The Tabard Theatre, London UK.

When You Fall Down- The Buster Keaton Story


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When You Fall Down- The Buster Keaton Story


  1. Hi James, I’ve litterally only just found out about this show and I’m gutted I couldn’t see it. Are you doing anymore shows in the London area anytime soon?

  2. Buster took my grandma Esther dancing at the Actor’s Colony in Muskegon when she worked at Pascos. I wrote a song about the story. Love to see you come to Muskegon and take the tour.

  3. Hi James. Looking forward to seeing your show tonight at The Other Place.
    I grew up watching Buster, Harold Lloyd, Laurel and Hardy and Chaplin. My grandad and I would snuggle up on the sofa and watch them back to back for hours.

    Break a leg tonight!!
    Sending lots of BIG squishy elf cuddles xxx

  4. Saw the show at Edinburgh today. Absolutely loved every minute. The acting was perfect. The songs were tuneful, poignant (especially the House I built for Natalie), original and expertly sung. The staging and props were spot on, especially the newspaper! The moving film pictures blended extremely well. I love the fringe and come every year, the show is one of the most enjoyable ever. I have no connection to the show at all, so i can recommend it without any bias. I hope to catch it again one day.

    1. Hi Shil! I’m performing the show next on Sat 29th September in Guildford at The Yvonne Arnaud’s Mill Studio theatre. But keep an eye out on my website or on twitter @BusterMusical for announcements about future dates!

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